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Lowen means fox in Cornish, so perfect for our little pot.

The cylinder shaped pots have a lovely flat top to them giving them a clean, simple shape that is makes it very aesthetically pleasing.  Each are unique and very pleasing to the eye!


Perfect for small cacti and succulents, or any small plant you would like to place in it, these pots are ideal gifts. They can of course be used for many other things!



These pots are for indoor use and come with a drainage hole as standard.


External - height 8cm, diameter 8cm.

Internal -  height 6.5cm, diameter 6cm.


  • All of our pots are soaked in a vinegar mix and then treated with a sealer to maximise their life and to retain their natural colour. This process will also protect plants if used as a planter.

    These pots are for indoor use and have a drainage hole as standard.

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