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about Foxy Pots.

We are Katrina, Dave and Claire and have been friends for 15 years. Foxy Pots are handmade, small batch, concrete homewares and pots, inspired by the beautiful Cornish landscapes that surround us. Our philosophy is to simply make the kind of goods that we love to have ourselves. 

Due to an obsession with house plants and succulents we needed pots for them to live in, and so decided to give making concrete planters a go. Two years later, our houses and gardens are rammed with plants but they now sit in lovely handmade creations.

We are continually working on how to improve and refine our designs, as well as creating new products to expand our range. We are currently exploring using locally sourced limestone which will not only be more environmentally sensitive, but will enable us to make larger, more lightweight pots. 

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