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Welcome to Jellypots. Here you will find my love of all things airplants, or tillandsia, as they are also known.

These amazing little plants can be displayed in so many different ways, and through the botanical jellyfish and airplant macramé accessories, Jellypots was born!   

"Bloom where you are planted"


How to look after your Airplant

Airplants are a beautiful variety of low-maintenance plant, unique in how they feed and reproduce. Airplants don't need to be rooted in soil to acquire nutrients. Hanging plants should be positioned in bright but indirect light, and will thrive in a humid environment. Ideal for a bright bathroom, or steamy kitchen, misting with rainwater water a couple of times a week will keep your plant healthy. Airplants dislike over-watering. Simple and beautiful.


Stella Medlin



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